How to Adjust A Poulan Chainsaw Bar Chain Oil Flow: Useful Methods

There are two types of Poulan Chainsaw, manual and automatic. This variation depends on the oil pump. Generally, oil pumps are not set in manual chainsaws. You have to set the oil pump manually. But now, this matter has taken shape in the past.

Now, all Poulan chainsaws use automatic oil pumps. The oil pumps control the oil flow of the chain while cutting something. But there is still a little problem. So, it needs to know how to adjust a Poulan chainsaw bar chain oil flow.

This oil needs appropriate chain lubrication. Chainsaw’s chain is made up of a combination of razor-sharp continuous loops. It looks a lot like sharp teeth. Many of the users face the same problem.

If you are looking for a way to resolve this issue, this guide will be helpful. So, let’s see what you can do regarding this problem!

How To Adjust Poulan Chainsaw Bar Chain Oil Flow

Things Required To Adjust A Poulan Chainsaw Bar Chain Oil Flow:

Estimated Cost

You don’t need any special items to adjust the chainsaw bar. All the tools that are required are more or less in today’s families and garages.

You do not have to buy any replacement material from the market for chainsaws. So, you need 0 bucks to do this.

Time Needed:

Time calculations are different for each person. We cannot say that how much you need. If you take your Poulan Chainsaw to a workshop, then they will fix it very fast.

And if you want to do it yourself, you can understand how long it takes you to complete this work.

Tools You Need:

  • Wrench
  • Flat tip screwdriver
  • Working gloves
  • Safety glass
  • Knife
  • Air compressed
  • The Chainsaw
  • Ear Protection

How To Adjust A Poulan Chainsaw Bar Chain Oil Flow – Some Easy Steps

Check The Chainsaw:

At first, check the chainsaw. Set fire to the chainsaw and keep it burning for a while. Check if oil spills from the chain and falls to the surface.

Take the recommended oil:

How To Adjust Poulan Chainsaw Bar Chain Oil Flow

Now, you have to lubricate the chain. Lubricating helps you to cut wood effectively. Use the oil recommended by the company experts. Read the manual to know about the recommended oil.

Fill up the oil tank:

How to Adjust A Poulan Chainsaw Bar Chain Oil Flow

Fill the oil tank with enough oil. Filling it will allow the pump to work automatically. Don’t overfill the oil tank. Overfilling may change the machine’s output.

Again, pouring a minimal amount of oil into the tank will not give the correct result. Oil tanks cannot be left empty at all.

Clutch removing:

poulan chainsaw bar oil adjustment

Now remove the chain from the chainsaw. You have to pull off the clutch cover before removing the chain. Remove the clutch cover nuts with a screwdriver. You need a screwdriver and wrench to do this.

Chain and bar removing:

To clean everything of the chainsaw, you have to remove the bar and chain. The chain bar is attached with screws or nuts. Use a screwdriver to undo nuts. Hold the parts and nuts in a place.

Nuts are tiny, so keep them safe. If you have lost the nuts, you will have to suffer to find a nut of the same size. You may also need to use a wrench to remove the chain and bar of the Poulan chainsaw.

Clean the Oiler hole:

It is time to clean the chainsaw. Clean the chain bar’s oiler hole. You need a knife to clean it. To do this with the tip of the knife is a little bit difficult.

We are asking you to take compressed air. If you can access the compressed gas, then blow out the hole.

Clean the chain bar:

how to adjust the carburetor on a poulan chainsaw

Use a toothbrush to clean the chain bar. Before re-installing the chain, ensure you clean all the channels of the chainsaw. The grooved parts of the chain bar need to be thoroughly cleaned.

Re-install the chain, bar, and clutch:

Finally, you have finished cleaning. Wear the heavy working gloves and re-install the chain and bar with nuts.

Use a wrench and screwdriver to tighten them. Re-set the clutch cover and tighten the screws of the clutch. 

Check the oiler hole:

chainsaw bar oil hole

Insert a fine wire inside the oiler hole from where the oil escapes. If the gap is clear, you can jump on to the next step.

Warm the Poulan Chainsaw:

Start the chainsaw’s engine. Throttle the trigger of the chainsaw for some time to warm the Poulan.

If it is warm, then look for splatter oil. YOu don’t need to adjust the automatic oil flow if oil splatters from the oil pump and is added to the chain.

Make the final adjustment:

If no oil is present, you have to make a slight adjustment. Reverse the chainsaw, and you will find “+” and “-” signs, including a screw. To adjust Poulan Chainsaw, turn the screw toward the “+” sign.

This time you find splatter oil. If excessive Lubricant is coming out, you have to turn the screw toward the “-” symbol. Repeat this process until you get an optimal adjustment.


If you do not get the right amount of oil out of your used chainsaw, you will follow the guide given above. We hope the guide will work perfectly.

You have to follow another step if you have followed each step correctly, but you have not found oil. In this case, there may be a problem with the oil tank. You should replace the oil tank, or you should talk to an expert.


Question: Why is the Poulan Chainsaw not oiling?

Answer: Your Poulan Chainsaw is not oiling because the oil port is blocked. After cleaning the blocked port, it will work.

Question: How long does a chainsaw bar last?

Answer: A chainsaw bar can last for years, but it will start to degrade after about 500 hours of use. The most important thing is that your chain is kept sharp at all times.

If you keep the chain sharp, then it will last much longer than if you let it get dull.

Question: How to tell if a chainsaw bar is bad?

Answer: A chainsaw bar can be bad in a few different ways. It could break while using it, or it might start to vibrate excessively when you run the chain through it.

Another indication that your bar is bad is if the chain jumps off of your bar frequently.

Question: Can you straighten a chainsaw bar?

Answer: You can straighten a chainsaw bar. To do so, you need to work the chain while it is still on the bar. You do this by hooking a come-along up to the bar and pushing against the handle of the saw.

Question: How does the chain oiler work on a chainsaw?

Answer: A worm drive engages the pump to send oil through a port that releases onto the bar as you throttle up.

When the chain moves across the bar, it passes the oil across the surface, reducing the friction and the heat during cutting.

Question: Should I run my chainsaw dry?

Answer: It would be best if you did not run the chainsaw when it is dry. If your oil gets dirty first, you should use an air stabilizer. The air stabilizer keeps your oil fresh.

Final Words

A Poulan chainsaw is a machine-like wood router. It runs through oil. Those who use bikes know that the motorcycle’s engine oil has to be changed from time to time. One of the reasons is that the engine oil is getting dirty. 

The same principle applies to spatter oil in chains. When the oil hole is blocked, the oil from the automatic pump is prevented from coming out.

After cleaning and adjusting the chainsaw, the oil flow works perfectly. Everyone is not an expert. If you follow this ultimate guide about how to adjust a Poulan chainsaw bar chain oil flow, you can solve the issue of oil flow.

It is not a complex task. Follow the steps and use the items we said. You can complete the work without single damage.

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