Best Drill Press For 80 Lower [Details Reviewed]

Suppose you want to make a gun.

You purchased an 80 lower and tried to mill the tool. However, you realize that properly milling it with only your hands and home tools is next to impossible.

So, you reach out to a friend for help, and he advises you to buy a drill press. Wondering what that is? 

A drill press is used to accurately boreholes in a hard-solid surface. This can be easily used to complete the 80 lower. Nevertheless, the right drill press is hard to find sometimes.

Don’t you worry! Here, we will overview the 5 best drill press for 80 lower to make things easier for you.

best drill press for 80 lower

Top 5 Drill Press: Comparison Table:





1# WEN 8 Inch Drill

Press For 80 Lower

1# WEN 8 Inch Drill Press For 80 Lower
  • Durable 1/3 HP induction motor develops ample torque and power

  • It is a small, lightweight, light-medium duty, table-top or workbench drill press

2# SKIL 3.2 Amp

10-Inch Drill Press

  • 1/2-inch keyed chuck. Bump-off switch for added safety

  • Adjustable depth stop for accurate measurements and repetitive drilling

3# WEN 10 Inch Drill

Press With Laser

WEN 10 Inch Drill  Press With Laser
  • Durable 3.2 amp motor provides ample torque and power

  • It has a light and a laser crosshair both of which are nice features

4# Benchtop Drill Press With Drill Bit Set

Benchtop Drill Press With Drill Bit Set
  • Operates smoothly and accurately

  • The steel frame ensures durability and accurate drilling

5# WEN 12-Inch Drill Press

WEN 12-Inch Drill Press
  • Heavy duty chuck works great and appears to spin very true

  • The machine has very little to do to complete the full assembly

Top 5 Best Drill Press For 80 Lower Reviews in 2022

Let’s now read detailed reviews of the above-mentioned professional Drill Press For 80 Lower.

1# WEN 8 Inch Drill Press For 80 Lower

best drill press for 80 lower


  • 5 different speeds
  • Key storage space
  • Swing identification of 8 inch


Who doesn’t want a powerful drill press?

Wen comes with an 8-inch tool that can pierce through any material, for instance- metal and plastics.

You can also alter the operations of this machine at specific 5 different speeds. To experience effortless drilling, the Wen drill press is perfect for 80 lower.

The 8-inch drill press for 80 lower will help you make a circle of 8 inches in diameter and thickness of 2 inches. According to your preference, rearrange the bolts to make precision holes in different projects. 

Speaking of holes, angled holes are essential too. Thanks to the feature of beveling the worktable, you can angle the tables at 45 degrees in either way.

The drill chucks may vibrate vigorously if it’s been used too much. You can try reassembling the chuck for a flawless drilling experience. 

Key storage is included to ensure that your key doesn’t get lost. It is situated at the side of the drill.

Highlighted Features

  • Drilled Through Different Types Of Material For A Trouble-Free Experience
  • Creates 8 Inches Deep And 2 Inches Thick Circles In Your 80 Lower
  • Features Beveled 45-Degree Worktable To Make Angled Holes
  • Adjustable Depth Of Bolts Helps You To Create Holes With Precision


  • Drill Chucks May Wobble; You May Have To Re-Adjust The Chucks Several Times

2# SKIL 3.2 Amp 10-Inch Drill Press

best drill press for 80 lower


  • 120v 3.2 amp motor
  • X2 2-beam laser light
  • Adjustable depth control

Wouldn’t it be delightful if you had a drill press that rocks every possible feature in one package? Yes, that’s what SKIL 3320-01 is about.

This drill press has a 10-inch drill that can pierce through almost every material you throw at it. Let it be hardwood, metal, or plastic; it can handle it all. The ½ inch keyed chuck ensures that you can use large woodworking bits. The bigger the bit, the more power you get.

Like every other powerful drill press, this one also has five different adjustable speeds. You can have speeds from 750 rpm (rotation per minute) to 3050 rpm, more than enough for 80 lower.

Equipped with a 3.2 amp near-silent motor, the SKIL drill press can get any drilling job done effortlessly.

However, such silent power comes at a cost. The motor can get quite hot after running for a while. Machines running at a constant high temperature aren’t good for their lifespan.

The depth adjustment control lets you drill accurate holes. The drill won’t go deeper than you have adjusted, making it easy to drill multiple holes of the same measurements.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with a depth adjustment control that ensures precise drilling.
  • 10-inch drill with a 3.2 amp silent motor that can pierce anything.
  • Five different speeds to choose from.
  • Includes X2 2-beam laser for accurate alignment.
  • 45-degree tiltable work surface.


  • The motor can get hot after 20 minutes of drilling.

3# WEN 10 Inch Drill Press With Laser

drill press for 80 lower


  • Class II 1mW laser light
  • 3.2-amp motor
  • Adjustable five speeds up to 3100 RPM

Wouldn’t it be awesome to actually target the very spot you want to drill?

In this model, Wen introduces a 10-inch drill press with laser light. The class II 1mW light identifies the exact position the bit will drill through for you to achieve maximum accuracy.

To perform faster, a drill machine must acquire sufficient torque. The 3.2 amp induction motor of this drill press guarantees durability and the preferred power and torque.

You can make a hole of 10 inches width and 2-½ inches thick with this unit. This one is manufactured with a well-built iron base to ensure safety during the action. Thus, this 10-inch drill press for 80 lower works perfectly in every project.

However, you do have to read the instructions to use lasers for drilling. Otherwise, you won’t be able to use it properly. 

The adjustable depth gauge also gives you super control over the machine. You can stop the drilling at the precise position. This unit is super easy to read and use. 

Highlighted Features

  • Includes 1mW Laser Light To Aim The Target Of Your Drilling For Maximum Precision
  • Made Of A Well-Built Iron Base For Suitability
  • Features 3.2 Amp Induction Motor To Create Adequate Torque And Power
  • Swings 10 Inches Width And Strokes 2-½ Inches Thickness To Make A Center


  • Requires Time To Learn To Use Laser Drilling Before Usage

4# Benchtop Drill Press With Drill Bit Set

best drill press for 80 lower


  • Locked depth stop
  • Adaptable table size
  • 22 lbs. of product weight

If you want a comfortable drill to work with, you may choose to buy a BILT HARD drill press for your 80 lower.

This unit weighs 22 lbs. making it a small drill press. However, DO NOT underestimate this model. For a relatively small drill, it can still create 8 inch deep swings making it as good as the rest of the models. 

The indicated benchtop drill press for 80 lower is formed from cast iron. Hence, rest assured that it won’t be damaged for a long time.

The worktable can produce 45 degree angled holes in both sides of the receiver. Thanks to this wonderful feature, you can efficiently make accurate holes on any side you like. 

It gives you the option to choose from 760 to 3070 RPM speed, whichever compliments your work. Greater flexibility in speed is definitely a reason to splash money on this one. 

Although the induction motor produces less power than other models (2.4A), it can still drill down into metal, wood, and plastic-like nothing.

This tool comes as CSA certified, implying that the drill press ensures superior quality, and you can blindly trust it.

Highlighted Features

  • Weighs 22 Lbs. Only Making It Light And Easy To Work With
  • Features Adjustable Worktable To Create Precise Holes And Hold Materials
  • Made Of Cast Iron, Ensuring Longevity And Superior Performance
  • Includes 5 Different Speeds To Choose From According To Your Choice


  • Includes 2.4A Induction Motor That Produces Less Power

5# WEN 12-Inch Drill Press

best drill press for 80 lower


  • LED Display Screen 
  • ⅝ inch keyed chuck
  • Extended table roller up to 17 inches

You already saw many tools which include different speed ranges for a different project. But, what if you could see the current speed in the tool?

The Wen 12 inch drill press brings multiple speeds with a neat LED display. From this screen, you can read the exact speed anytime and adjust it to your need.

The multiple speed ranges from 580 to 3200 RPM, and you can simply switch the speeds with the help of the speed adjustment lever. 

The table roller for this unit can expand up to 17 inches. In this way, you’ll have more places to put your tools down. 

A ⅝-inch keyed chuck is included in this wen drill press for 80 lower to loosen or tighten the tool. The class III laser light will help you to precisely target the drilling spot. 

The downside of this unit is the motor which sometimes makes noises and vibrations. It can be difficult to work with such constant, irritating noise. It may also lead to headaches.

The spindle can travel up to 3-⅛ inches. Therefore, you can adjust the spindle as you prefer. This aids you in performing accurate drilling. 

Highlighted Features

  • LED screen so that you can keep an eye on the current speed
  • Ability to switch to different speeds swiftly using the speed adjustment lever
  • Expanded table roller helps you to hold more tools during work
  • Includes class III laser light to ensure accurate drilling operations


  • Motor vibrates and makes noise sometimes which can cause headache

Buying Guide: What Should I Consider When Buying Any Drill Press

If you want to buy a drill press, there are several options available in the market. Thus, you can have a hard time choosing the one you need. 

Having little or no knowledge about the necessary features of a drill press will make things even harder.

Here, we will show you the factors to seek in a drill press so you can choose the perfect one. 

Swing Capacity

The size of the drill press is not measured by its height. Rather it is measured for its distance between the edge and the spindle. A 10-inch swing can pierce a 5-inch hole in the center of a 10-inch circle on the surface.

Longer swing distances allow you to deal with larger projects that require more firepower, whereas smaller distances are preferable for crafty, neat works. 

Prior to purchasing, research about how much capacity you need for your project is a must. For an 80% lower, it is suggested to use from 8 to 12 inches swing with adequate thickness. 

Speed Level

Different types of drill presses include different speed levels. This feature offers you the versatility to select the speed volume you want to finish your 80% lower.

Go for the model that allows you to change speed level promptly. You can also buy the one that displays the current speed you’re working at. This will ease your drilling experience. 

Although drill presses that include multiple speed levels are costly, buying such models will surely be worth the investment.

Depth precision

The drill press has an advantage over hand-held drills because of the precise drilling performance on a hard surface. It can accurately create different holes of the same size and thickness. 

You have to adjust the bolt to make accurate holes in the drill press. Therefore, buy the one that allows you to adjust the depth on the go. 

In your 80% lower, you have to create similar holes in different places. The adaptable depth gauge feature is a must factor you should consider in your drill press.

Motor Power

drill press induction motor Another important factor to consider for buying a drill press for 80 lower is the induction motor. A drill press uses torque and power to create a hole in a tough substance. Hence, a drill press should generate enough torque and power.

To experience faster and smoother performance, you can buy the one with a ⅓ to ⅔ horsepower induction motor. This power should be enough for regular drilling of your 80% lower. 

If you’re working with heavy and tough materials, you may select the drill presses with more than 1HP.

Laser light

drill press laser lightMaking different accurate holes is necessary for 80% lower. Hence, you have to target the right aim with your drill press every single time. 

A laser light comes in handy in this situation. If a drill press has in-built laser light, then you can point it to the center of the circle easily.

Additionally, with a work light, you can work precisely even in not-so-supportive lighting conditions.

For making precise holes, laser light is almost a must-have feature for a drill press.

Table Size

drill press table sizeIf you need several tools to work with, it’s better to purchase a drill press with larger table size. You can hold and place any type of material on the huge table.

There is no chance that you can lose the equipment while working as well! So, you don’t have to worry anymore about where to place all the extra tools.

The table must have at least 20 inches in length and 10 inches in width. You can aim for a bigger table for a drill press according to your preference. 

How To Mill An 80 Lower With A Drill Press?

how to mill 80 lower with drill pressAfter the reviews and buying guides of drill press for an 80% lower, you may wonder how to actually make a pistol or rifle using only a drill press.

Fear not. As we have come up with step-by-step instructions for completing an 80 lower with the drill press. 

Let’s not waste more time!

  • First, set up the drill bit to 3/8-inch to drill holes into your 80% lower. Then, drill the pilot holes. This will help to remove the aluminum from the receiver.
  • After setting up, start making holes by drilling down. You should drill down 2 inches deep from the top so that all six holes are cleared. 
  • Detach the drill bit from the rest of the drill. Cut the receiver 2 inch down with the small ⅜-inch end mill. The lower part of the cavity will be cut down.
  • If the cutting depth reaches 2 inches down, cut the trigger slot using the 5/16 inch end mill. You have to replace the old mill before this step.
  • Lastly, reinstall the ⅜-inch drill bit to drill both sides of the receiver twice. Then, complete the trigger and pinholes by applying cutting fluid.

After all the holes are drilled perfectly, you will own a brand new receiver, and it will no longer be your old 80% lower.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What size drill press is needed for an 80% lower?

Answer: You would need an extended table for the extra room to drill the 80% lower. Hence, make sure that the drill press has a bigger table.

The drill chuck must be added to the quill to perform better. The chunk size should be ⅜ inch parabolic bit to perfectly operate on an 80% lower.

Question: What speed to run drill press for milling an 80% lower?

Answer: There’s no accurate speed but a range of speeds that are enough to mill an 80% lower. The range of the drill press should be between 570-3200 RPM.

You can choose any speed between the ranges to mill. But, look over the highest speed as it should be over 3000 RPM for greater execution.

Question: Can you use a harbor freight drill press for an 80% lower?

Answer: Yes, you can use harbor freight if you’re on a tight budget. It is not recommended to use for 80% as it doesn’t have a vice on it, and it may wobble.

If you want a cheap drill press that can do a moderate job on your 80% lower, you can decide to purchase harbor freight.

Question: Can I use someone else’s CNC machine to finish an 80% lower?

Answer: It’s illegal to utilize someone else’s CNC machine to finish an 80% lower. It is confirmed by many sources.

You should always get your own set of tools to build your 80% lower. In this way, you can avoid being in an illegal situation.

Question: Can you complete an 80% lower with just a drill press?

Answer: You need to buy a jig externally to finish an 80% lower with just a drill press. You can complete it by vertically operating the machine. 

On the other hand, you can transform a drill press into a mill as well. However, this will take a longer period of time, and you may not get positive results.

Question: Is an 80 lower worth it?

Answer: It is worth it if you already own the required tools, for example- drill press and jig to build an 80% lower. 

If you don’t have the necessary tools, it will take the same amount of money to buy a ready-made firearm as buying the equipment to build one. Hence, it depends on your situation.

Final Words

Summing up, you have gone through our reviews of the best drill press for 80 lower available in the market right now. 

We have also shed light on the factors to consider before buying one so that you can make fast and wise decisions.

Now, it is up to you to purchase one and see the outcome yourself. You won’t know for sure how it will work if you don’t buy and use the drill press.

Give the drill press a chance to complete your 80 lower. Surely, it won’t disappoint you.

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