Best Picture Frame Clamps For Woodworking: 2023 Reviews

Many a time while woodworking, you might have had to run the saw straight, drill straight, or route straight. You must have felt the need for an extra set of hands to handle the tools.

As those extra hands, picture frame clamps come to your rescue. The main purpose of these devices is to hold wood pieces firmly so that the glues are dried properly.

These can also be used to slow down wood movement when drilling, chiseling, or assembling pieces.

By now, you might be intrigued to get your hands on this quintessential workshop tool. But how could you possibly choose one from a wide range of options?

We are listing the best picture frame clamps in 2022 for you to pick from.

best picture frame clamps

Best Picture Frame Clamps: Comparison Table:





1# POWERTEC Picture Frame Band Clamp

POWERTEC Picture Frame Band Clamp
  • Material: Nylon, Plastic

  • Provides tight, secure  and adjustable clamping action

  • Easy way to join glued corner frames

2# Picture Frame Corner Clamp With Swing Corner

Picture Frame Corner Clamp With Swing Corner
  • Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

  • Perfect for carpentry, woodworking, welding, photo framing

  • No Jamming Issue

3# HEWEGO Picture

Frame Angle Clamp

HEWEGO Picture  Frame Angle Clamp
  • Material: Aluminium

  • High hardness, will not rust, suitable for the production of reinforced frame

  • Compatible: Fit for Woodworking, fish tank fixing, Picture Frame reinforcement

4# Woodworking Frame Clamp Strap Holder

Woodworking Frame Clamp Strap Holder
  • Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene 

  • Ideal for use with square, Picture Frame, round and irregular shaped workpieces

  • Easy to handle

5# 4′ X 4′ Picture

Frame Clamps For Woodworking

4′ X 4′ Picture Frame Clamps For Woodworking
  • Squares a DIY picture frame and holds it for gluing and fastening

  • Easy to use and clamps tight

Different Uses of Picture Frame Clamps

Using a corner clamp, you can assemble projects that use different pieces and create joints between materials.

As the name implies, Picture Frame clamps are designed to clamp picture frames at 90° and 45° angles. The device is designed to hold two items at an angle of 90° or 45° before they are attached.

In this section, we would walk you through the various uses of Picture Frame clamps.

These clamps might be utilized in making and keeping a spread of joinery such as:

a) Mitre Joints

Mitre joints can be made by connecting two parts at a 45-degree angle, allowing them to be attached at a 90-degree angle and thus, creating a miter joint. Once clamped together, the two parts can then be permanently attached using glue, adhesive, or even nails.

b) T-joints

The T-joint is used for joining together pieces that form a ‘T’ shape. Once the pieces have been permanently attached, glue or another adhesive is used. Even though the thickness of the parts may differ, an angle clamp would still be able to produce a perfectly formed T-joint.

c) Butt joints

When two pieces are attached squarely by their abutting ends, a butt joint is produced. The joint is relatively easy to construct, but it is one of the weakest joints. The butt joint is very simple to create with a corner clamp since the jaws could be easily adjusted to fit the pieces of wood at the required angle.

d) Miter Joints

Corner clamps are sometimes called miter clamps because they are frequently used to form miter joints. You can use them free-hand or attach them to a workbench with clamps to prevent any movement while you are using them.

e) Drilling Holes

It May Also Be Used To Clamp Objects When Drilling Holes On A Drill Press Bed.

5 Best Picture Frame Clamps For Woodworking Reviews

1# POWERTEC Picture Frame Clamp

best picture frame clamps


  • Made of Nylon and Plastic
  • 1 Pound in weight
  • Comes with a Band clamp and quick release lever

This picture frame band clamp is designed for building picture frames, assembling wooden furniture, cabinets, and drawers. Thanks to its heavy-duty nylon webbing, these clamps offer a tight and long-lasting clamping solution that fits irregularly shaped items perfectly.

If you are trying to construct a picture frame and bring out a right angle, this clamp is your perfect bet for putting adequate pressure on a strong glue bond.

It comes with a quick-release lever that allows you to adjust it to the workpiece and gain complete control over it. Using the convenient hand screw, you can tighten and adjust further.

This adjustable band clamp is ideal for a range of uniquely shaped workpieces that include- square, round, and rectangle. Thus, it can be used for tight, secure, and flexible clamping activities co.

An array of differently shaped items and projects naming- picture frames construction, cabinets & chair frames, drawers, birdhouses, and many more can be achieved smoothly with the use of this goody.

With a sturdy plastic frame and a premium quality nylon band, this clamp is constructed for non-marring jaws and tough plastic material.

What’s more, the device also includes easy to use hand screw for additional requirements of tightening. If tightened, the hard plastic frame and jaws won’t damage surfaces.

Safety and accuracy are guaranteed with this product.

Clamps of this type are vital for ensuring balanced project outcomes. What makes it especially desirable is the ease of adding them to workpieces. Even the beginners find it very handy to make it work like a breeze for creating a precise right angle in a number of shapes.

Highlighted Features:

  • Easy to Use
  • Excellent versatility
  • Fast and reliable
  • Great value for money


  • Clamping range is low

2# Picture Frame Clamp With Swing Corner

picture frame corner clamp
  • 10.8 ounces
  • Made of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
  • Battery less system
  • Can expand up to 22M
  • Perfect for Small Projects

Whether for carpentry, woodwork, welding, photo framing, or just use to any DIY Project, these picture frame corner clamps will be of huge help. Its compact size and versatility make it the perfect choice for framing, hole-drilling, assembling furniture, preparing cabinets, etc. Additionally, right angle clip can also be used to create miter joints (for wood less than 3/4 inches thick).

This clamp is suitable for both 90 degree and 45-degree angle saws. Also, this goes well on boards that have a different level of thickness; ranging usually between 0.2”-0.9”. 

A great angle clamps locator coming with it saves considerable time and effort. As for durability, the clamp is sturdy enough but not tight. It is perfectly apt to be used by women for their DIY and crafting projects.

You will be able to utilize these four corner clips for squaring up any small woodworking project and performing an expedient and efficient clamping operation. This will reduce the amount of time you spend on making them and finishing work. 

For all of your carpentry jobs, you will need a perfect clamp. A corner clamp for woodworking is an excellent choice. Whether you are building picture frames or cabinets, you will benefit greatly from it.

Highlighted Features:

  • Multiple functionalities
  • Robust and durable material
  • Quick and Simple Fixing
  • Single-Handed Operation
  • Perfect for Arts and Crafts


  • Not for any shaped joints.

3# HEWEGO Picture Frame Angle Clamp

professional picture frame clamps


  • Aluminum alloy construction
  • Eye-watering color
  • 3 inch rang for clamping
  • The 90-degree angle
  • 0.3 lbs. weight

With the HEWEGO clamp, you can create a 90-degree angle with your woodworking projects in no time and without causing any damage to them. All that’s required is screwing down two nuts: one on each end of jaw screws –and then tightening those down once they’re holding onto pieces of wood! You’ll be able to rotate these jaws and their screws for adjusting different thicknesses as well.

To adjust to different thicknesses of wood, the swivel jaw, and swivel points allow this picture frame angle clamps to rotate. Unlike welders who use a similar clamping tool in their profession, these best picture frame clamps can function with several types of material like plastic or metal.

The multifunctional picture frame holder allows people who have a multitude of uses, like connecting various cabinets, to have more support when one piece slides against another. You will also use it for woodwork purposes such that you could place metal fasteners through two wooden boards at once.

The best part about this picture holder is that it can be used for just a simple adjustment, as well. The handle swivels slightly, which adds to its usefulness by allowing you to easily make minor adjustments, when necessary, without damaging the frame itself or your wall.

This tool is the perfect solution for any minor problems you might have with your work. It can help you fix a fish tank, frame picture prints, or even reinforce woodworking! All it takes to solve these types of simple issues are just one bump, and then they’re gone forever.

Highlighted Features:

  • Rotate 90-degree angle for easy implement
  • This clamp is multifunctional and versatile
  • You can use it with a simple adjustment
  • Works with various widths of woods


  • These picture frame clamps might be in a non-perfect square shape, but when it goes under the picture frame, precession is not an issue.

4# Picture Frame Strap Clamps Holder

best Picture Frame Clamps


  • Manufactured with ‎Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
  • Amazing black color
  • 15.5 ounces weight
  • Strap with 4 jaws
  • TRP anti-skid handle

An enthusiastic woodworker like you knows that having the right tools for a job makes all the difference. If you are working with an assortment of shapes, then The Band Clamp from the HORUSDY brand is perfect! This tool will help to keep your work secure while cutting and sewing.

This picture frame strap clamp can be used to assemble pictures frames and other wooden pieces. It’s especially useful for assembling irregular shapes in gluing or fixing them together when it is removed from the picture frame, drawer, chair frame, etc.

It’s great for gluing things together because it can be shaped around a variety of irregular shapes with ease.

This HORUSDY Band Clamp tool is equipped with two features for easy and efficient operation. The quick-release lever allows you to adjust the workpiece to fit perfectly into plastic corners, while a hand screw maintains tension in the banding clamp itself.

This ensures that your objects are securely bound together without coming apart when they shouldn’t be!

The HORUSDY Band Clamp is made from durable woven canvas. It’s easy to put on and take off, so you can use it for long periods without worrying about injuring your workpieces or yourself. The square clamping jaws will help hold the edges of your materials in place.

HORUSDY is a great choice for your next band clamp! With unique designs, high-quality materials, and excellent craftsmanship, HORUSDY gives you the best bang for your buck. This company pays attention to details that ensure a high-quality final product on any one of its items.

Highlighted Features:

  • Very comfortable shape with maximum security
  • Great for gluing things together
  • Sturdy woven canvas
  • Excellent craftsmanship
  • Can be utilized with all types of shapes


  • Band guard may need to be a little sturdier, but it goes well with the tight budget.

5# 4′ X 4′ Picture Frame Clamps For Woodworking

best picture frame clamps


  • Sturdy plastic corners
  • Square size
  • 48 x 3 x 1.5 dimension
  • 2.2 lbs. weight

If you like a versatile, simple design that is easy to use and provides years of service without any frills or fusses, the 4′ X 4′ framing clamp from the Platte River brand is for you. This framing clamp from the Platte River brand is perfect for you if all of that adjustment just keeps making your head spin.

This square-shaped frame clamp is great for carpenters who focus on making photo frames. If you’re a designer that focuses on creating these types of items, then definitely consider buying this particular device!

Expanding quickly, this wood picture frame clamp is ideal for gluing and fixing small to large projects. The Framing Project Clamp tool is designed to make your life as a woodworker easier. You can quickly expand the clamp for quick projects, and you don’t need to adjust any of its settings before use!

This clamp for picture framing is great because it can hold a range of different dimensions. It holds items in place while you are nailing or gluing them, and it is adjustable, so the size does not matter.

The steel rods on the Framing Project Clamp are sturdy and not going to damage your workpiece during repeated use. The four corners of this clamp hardly mar any surfaces, which is perfect for DIY framers looking for great results.

Four brass nuts are included to tighten the clamp corners into a wood or metal workpiece. Each corner screw is designed with knurled edges for easy gripping and finger tightening.

Also, these best picture frame clamps prevent any hand slipping from causing damage when tightened too hard. There will be four screws in total; two holes per side of one square frame.

Highlighted Features:

  • Manufactured with sturdy material for long-lasting use
  • Perfect for gluing and fixing minor too big projects
  • Very comfortable design and easy to use
  • It can expand rapidly, and no adjustment is needed


  • Not ideal for home repair, but works well with photo frame

6 Things You Should Consider Before Buying A Picture Frame Clamp

Clamps may look simple, and you might think you don’t need any technical knowledge to choose the right clamp for picture frames. Let us assure you that once you know about the following factors, you will watch clamps closely before buying.

Right Angle Clamp

right angle picture frame clamp

Among different types of clamps, a right-angle clamp is the ultimate choice for making picture frames. Though many clamps are claimed to have an angle of 90 degrees by the manufacturer, they deviate a bit in some cases.

So, it will be wise to check the angle on yourself to make sure you are getting the right product for making picture frames.

Holding Power

This is one of the most crucial factors when choosing a picture frame clamp. If the clamp you are buying doesn’t have enough clamping power, there is no point in buying that trash.

No matter whatever project you work on, the clamp should have enough holding power regardless of the size of the frame. If the clamping power is low, the final output won’t be satisfactory. So, always emphasize the clamping power.

Material and Build Quality

picture frame clamp materials

Picture frame clamps are made of different materials like aluminum or polyester. Whatever it is made of, such a clamp should withstand a good load of pressure without breaking.

So, the build quality should be up to the standard for the product to be on your choice list. Products we have mentioned in the review section have a very good build quality with long-lasting materials.

If you choose something out of this list, you should check for all these details to make sure you buy clamps that last longer.


Depending on your projects, you might need small or large clamps. Why would you spend on different-sized clamps separately? Rather, choose something that serves all your purposes with a good throat depth.

Selecting such a product will ensure you don’t need any extra clamp for most of your projects. Working constantly with the same clamp will also increase efficiency.

Handle Quality and Comfort

picture frames clamps

Though the main purpose of picture frame clamps is holding frames in place, you can’t comfortably use clamps if the handle isn’t right. Never ignore this small but irreplaceable part of clamps.

Try to find a clamp with an ergonomic and sturdy handle so that you can work effortlessly.

Brand Reputation and Price

Picture frame clamps come in many different qualities. Blindly depending on a certain brand isn’t always a good idea. But you can’t ignore the importance of checking the brand either.

You will always have some special features in clamps from reputed brands as they always tend to make their products better. Also, the price tag shouldn’t cut your pocket.

Pick something that will provide efficient performance at an affordable price.

Frequently Asked Questions

We would love to answer some of your commonly asked questions here. See how these answers can help you choose a better product.

Question: Can I use glue to join picture frames together?

Answer:  Yes, you can use picture frame clamps to hold them together and apply glue to make a collage frame.

Question: Is wood glue enough for making picture frames?

Answer: It depends but mostly, yes. If your framing project isn’t very large, you can easily make frames with regular wood glues. Making butt joints will work just fine in the case of such frames.

Question: Are picture frame clamps used only for making picture frames?

Answer: No, absolutely not. You can use these clamps to make any rectangular-shaped frames such as drawers, cabinets, etc.

Question: What is the best joint for making picture frames?

Answer: Though it depends on personal preference, the miter joint is the most common type of joint used by professionals. You can do a half-lap miter joint to make a 45-degree line on the corners that will enhance the beauty of the frame.

Question: Can I fix warped picture frames with clamps?

Answer: Yes, you can. Simply place a wet rag on a flat surface and place the warped frame upside down on the rag. Use a few clamps to clamp the frame to the surface. Tighten once daily for a few days until the warped frame gets back to straight.

Final Thoughts

We have gone all-in to tell you the truth about some of the best picture frame clamps. They are very handy while making exciting picture frames. You can use them in making other joints too.

For whatever you use these clamps, make sure you choose the right product based on the knowledge you have got here. This will reduce your hassle of choosing the right clamp and the risk of pouring money into the drain.

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