Best Tool to Cut Nails and Screws: Reviews & Buying Guide 2023

Without cutting or dealing with bolts, most of the DIY projects can’t be done! If you’re a regular DIYer you know that better; right? However, to cut screws and nails you must need the help of other tools. And to have a clean and easy regular cut, you need the best one.

You have to choose the best tool to cut nails and screws from a wide range of device; it can be a bolt or wire cutter that is very handy and safe. Or you may go for electrical or battery-powered tools such as a reciprocating or jig saw.

Whatever types you choose, don’t mislead yourself to get the best one. Hopefully, in this case, our following information and best tools list would be a great guide for you.

6 Best Tool To Cut Nails And Screws

While searching for the best bolt cutter to cut screws and nails, you must keep some criteria in mind. For example, a good cutter should be the best within the following facts:

  • Highly durable build
  • Comfortable grips
  • Perfect jaws opening
  • acceptable weight and size
  • Adjustable blade
  • Preferable cutting style and suitable angel.

However, the fact is- there are not just bolt cutters or wire cutters that can do this job. If you are looking for some electrical or battery-powered multi-tool for effortless cutting, that is also available in large numbers.

Here, we have listed some of the best cutting tools keeping the best features into consideration. Let’s see which one is your call!

1# WORKPRO Bolt Cutter with Soft Rubber Grip

best tool to cut nails and screws

Since bolt cutters are the most familiar tool to cut screws, you should choose an efficient and ergonomic one from hundreds of them. Try WORKPRO W017004A Bolt Cutter. It has a long-lasting impression with a quick and easy cutting capacity.

Let’s see its specialties; why we have chosen it as one of the best tools to cut nails and screws!


WORKPRO W017004A Bolt Cutter comes with a compact design and offers great performance in a liable space. The bi-material, tubular handles have red and blue grips which make them comfortable to hold even in such challenging tasks.

However, you can’t ignore its classic Lever-Fulcrum design having precisely aligned blades in the jaws. These features would give you long-lasting and effortless cutting.


Steels, made from forged chrome molybdenum, are considered to have the best long-lasting durability and overall strength; Did you know that?

If yes, then what’s bothering you to get WORKPRO W017004A 14″ Bolt Cutter as your cutting tool! It has chrome-molybdenum steel and powder coating jaws with sharp blades. Also, with the economically designed handles, you need less effort than other bolt cutters to have the same cutting facilities.


This WORKPROs’ Bolt Cutter would help you to cut soft to medium metals such as rods, bolts, rivets, chain-link fences, and wires up to 3/16 inches wide. As a whole, by this powerful gadget, steel with HRC<42 will be cut up to 5mm. And, In the case of HRC<25 steel, it will cut up to 6mm like butter.

What’s more? The 14 inches cutting tool is also very lightweight. At the same time, it’s so handy to use and easy to carry!


  • High-quality made of materials offer durability.
  • Provides effortless cuts with the precisely aligned blades
  • Handles come with anti-slip grips
  • Compact cutting strategy


  • Not adequate for cutting heavy locks.

2# Klein Diagonal Cutting Pliers with Angled Head

best tool to cutting nails and screws

Looking for strong pliers that are even suitable for your compact space dealing? Then try this 8 inches J2000-48 Pliers Of Klein Tools. For a long period, Klein Tools offers the Best gadgets also for cutting screws, no doubt.

See why we have chosen this cutting tool as one of the bests.


Klein Tools J2000-48 Pliers are made from custom, US-made tool steel and have induction hardened cutting knives with short jaws and beveled cutting edge which provides enhanced cutting ability. Its tapered, angled head allows easy access to the cutting objects that might be tough to reach.

Haven’t you noticed its Rivet position? You know, in case of the joints, the closer it to the jaws the more force it exerts. Klein Tools J2000-48 Pliers have the hot-riveted joint very close to the cutting surfaces which provides 36% greater cutting power than others.

Its dual-material journeyman handles are 6.75 inches long and provide you with a better grip without hampering its strength.


These diagonal pliers reflect the tradition of Klein Tools by having the induction hardened cutting knives, hot riveted joint, and custom US-made steel construction.

If you are confused about the knife’s strength, you should know about the induction hardening process. Its knives result in much more durable metal than steel making it perfect for long-time use.

Another great feature is the professional-grade materials; indeed it ensures the toughness and durability of the tool.


Though this tool is designed to cut ACSR, nails, screws, and most hardened wire, customers seem to cut hundred other things it wasn’t prepared for!

Since this cutting tool has an angled blade design, you can cut nails and screws almost flush with the surface. Also, it provides the high leverage needed for pulling staples. The hot-revited joint ensures no wobble and smooth cutting action even after long ages.


  • Angled top design for easy access in confined space
  • No handle wobble and smooth cutting action
  • Closer rivet design ensures greater cutting power
  • Long-life cutting facilities
  • Beveled cutting edges and short ensures close cutting.


  • Little expensive

3# WORX 20V Power Share Axis Cordless Reciprocating & Jig Saw

best power tool for cutting nails

If a cordless handy cutting tool can make your all DIYing cuts done; can you ignore that? Indeed, WORX WX550L 20V Cordless Saw comes with a multipurpose application that would save your money and effort in several cutting projects.

Well, let’s discover the attributes of how it would help you instead of other cutting devices.


WORX WX550L is a handy cordless tool that comes with a compact and lightweight design. Its most attractive feature is the pivoting head design that converts from a reciprocating saw to a jig saw within a second; here you just need to push the red big button.

With this tool, it’s easier to get access in tight spaces also it’s very manageable to use. Another great thing is you can use any standard reciprocating saw or t-shank blade onto this Worxs’ device.

Thanks to its dust blower facilities; it keeps the cutting surface clean and clear by blowing the debris away.

Power and Capacity

Since this Worxs’ cutting device is a cordless battery-powered, you can run it anywhere without any electrical Hassel. It comes with a 20V Max 1.5 Ah battery and one 5-hour charger which you can use with other tools of the Worx Power Share family.

The vibration-absorbing soft grip handle would prevent the unpleasant motions while in a reciprocating saw mood. Also, it has an LED headlamp which illuminates the dark work areas.

The Motor’s side location feature ensures no slippage and misalignment while cutting within a smooth and constant power.

Multipurpose Performance

Once you have a WORX WX550L in hand, you should not worry to cut screws and nails of any size; since this tool permits multi-purpose cutting applications! It’s an ideal device for cutting wood, ceramics, plastics even metal and steel screws. It can go 5/32 inches into a steel plate.

You can cut the screws and nails easily without any effort from your hands. As for its compact and changeable design, it can get into even confined spaces and cuts the screws in all positions.

Don’t worry about the safety; the pushbutton head can be locked into place and safeguards any accidental starting.


  • Multipurpose application and Great for all lighter DIYing tasks
  • Pivoting, the push-button head offers a quick change of saws’ mood
  • Built-in dust blower ensures the clearance
  • LED headlamp for better cutting experience
  • Offers tool-free blade change
  • Orbital cutting facilities


  • Maybe not suitable for using long run, heavy duty task.

4# IRWIN Vise-Grip 8 inch Wire Stripping Tool

best tool to cut screws

An all-in-one, versatile wire dealing tool that would give you a smooth bolt cut at the same time! If you are looking cutter like that, try This IRWIN 2078309 multi-task tool; with this, you may save on some weight by having a lighter toolbox!

Let’s see what’s more in detail!


Indeed, the made of material is enough to examine its strength to the buyer. This IRWINs tool has induction hardened cutting edges, which, you know, ensure its long-lasting capacity. At the same time, the blade edge is very sharp providing a smooth cut of wire or nails.

Furthermore, this product meets or exceeds all the standards of ANSI.


As this device is mainly an electrical wire dealing one, it must have been made keeping the safety issues in mind. So, no worries about a secure terminal; IRWIN 2078309 comes with wire Crims that can be used on both insulated and non-insulated things.


For regular electrical installation, this all-in-one tool performs like a pro. This single tool offers four facilities at a time; a Wire Stripper, Wire Crimper, Cutter, and Pliers. Isn’t it great?

Also, you can pick it as a versatile tool as it cuts a wide range of wires in different sizes (10-22 AGM). So, while cutting screws or nails, it won’t disappoint you at all. However, you can also use the pliers’ nose for pulling or looping wires whenever needed.

Wait, an excellent feature has been left! It’s the pro touch grip. It will reduce your hand fatigue and arm stress ensuring an easy hold, even if you’re wearing the insulating gloves.


  • Multipurpose application in one tool
  • Pro touch grip for easy dealing
  • Induction hardened cutting edge ensures the long life
  • Versatile for a huge range of wires
  • Pliers’ noses can be used to pull and loop wire
  • Cut bolts with perfect lead thread.


  • Some feel it’s a bit too wide while opening with one hand.

5# TEKTON 8-Inch Bolt Cutter

best tool to cut bolts

Though power tools are quick and effortless, sometimes you just need the bolt cutters as these are safe, incredibly handy also save money and space! So, if you’re looking for a mini bold cutter that is qualified enough for using Multipurpose tasks, our recommendation is TEKTON 8 Inch Bolt Cutter | 3386

For its size and attributes, it’s one of the best bolt and screw cutters nowadays.

Appearance and strength

This 8 inches bolt cutter is great for its quality materials for construction. It has forged and hardened steel alloy jaws that provide strong cuts even in thick screws.

The rolled steel handles are covered with cushioned, non-slip rubber grips. Thus, you can hold it easily without feeling any slippage.

An additional feature is the easy-to-use locking system. It keeps the tubular steel handles shut and prevents unwanted opening.


This TEKTONs’ bolt cutter is great for delivering clean cuts for a long time. You can cut any bolts, chain, or threaded rod giving minimal effort. Also cutting heavy gauge wire up to 3/16″ (in diameter) isn’t such a matter for this mini tool.

As for its compound hinge, this product delivers compound cutting action and allows you to have effortless perfect cuts.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Includes non-slip rubber grips
  • Easy to use locking mechanism
  • Hardened steel alloy jaws for long life.
  • Need fewer efforts due to the compact cutting action


  • Narrow jaw opening may limit its usefulness.

6# Milwaukee Variable Speed Cordless Multi Tool

best tool to cut nails and screws

What if a tool can help you with plumbing, electricity, demolition even construction at a time? For this job, a versatile handy tool must be needed; right?

Meet Milwaukee 2426-20 M12 12 Volts Cordless Multi Tool. Once you buy this guy, it, for sure, would be your must-wanted tool while you’re in any DIYing project.

Appearance and capacity

While in hand, the tool feels well balanced and comfortable due to its over-molded rubber grip across the body. It would give you the most freedom in working due to the universal adapter that let you use others accessories as well.

With the speed adjustment knob, you can control the speed by switching between 5000-20000 OPM.  In this view, this tool has great versatility with having a variable speed trigger.

In addition, there is a LED panel that allows you to see how much power you left for the job in 25% increments.


Another point why it’s said as one of the best versatile tools is its multi-tool application. You can cut, grind, sand, trim, and more within this one device. With the multiuse cutting blade, you can cut your nails and screws within a second. It will go through the wood and any metal easily.

A sanding pad with five different sandpapers is also included with the tool that gives you the perfect finishing touches on any project. This tool is not such weighty and lengthy as the services it provides. It won’t eat up much space in your toolbox. Having a compact design, it is easy to carry and use in a confined area.

Moreover, Milwaukee 2426-20 M12, alone, is enough flexible to handle a huge range of tasks. So, why ignore this versatile gadget!


  • Speed adjustment knob to control OPM up to 20000.
  • Red Lithium battery offers a long running time.
  • Built-in universal adapter to easy access by others’ equipment
  • Versatile application
  • Multiuse cutting blade and sanding pad included.


  • Only one blade included
  • May overheat with time

Facts about Screws and Nails You Should Know

How to Organize Screws and Nails

A legit DIYer, having a stash of bolts, knows how quickly the workplace can be a disorganized mess. Here are some quick tips for you about organizing the screws and nails; thus you can get the mini objects in hand without discomfort searching.

  • If you have old prescription bottles, use them to hold screws and nuts. Put all the same categories screws in one bottle and adjust a level by writing the name on it.

Or remove the prescription levels, thus you can see the contents inside easily.

  • While at work, you can use rigid foam to hold your screws and nails in place. You can write the bolts type on that foam for quick access. Well, here a piece of corrugated cardboard box will also go, in case you don’t have any rigid foam in hand.

This task would let you get the correct bolts easily even if you are handling alone a messy bolts project.

  • Use plastic boxes or bags that would provide a clear view from the outside.
  • For storing extra long screws and nails you can use jumbo-sized boxes as a Nesquik container, for example.
  • While working you can use a magnet to keep the screws in place.
  • Screws come with paper boxes. Although the boxes won’t last long, you can use thick tape on the outside and inside of the boxes to give some strength.

Moreover, if you are a regular DIYer it’s a better idea to organize garage shelving plans. It’s a great solution to organizing nails and screws in a sequence way.

Are Screws Stronger Than Nails?

As a whole, it totally depends on the application and sizes of the screws and nails.

Nails, in fact, offer greater tensile strength. But, when it comes to joining objects, screws provide a more secure hold.

Here, a question arises – why use nails instead of screws for framing?

Well, structural joining nails are often preferred because these are more flexible under pressure. For installing hardwood floors, roofing, framing, and construction some common nails are always in the first-choice position.

In the case of same-sized screws, they can snap under pressure.

Screws create tight bonds and can be easily removed. These, actually, are great for temporary jointing which may need to open further.


What size screws for wood fence

Answer: For installing fence boards the best option is to use stainless steel screws or polymer-coated exterior screws. While attaching fence rail to the post exterior rated structural screws would be better.

Stainless steel screws required patience while installing as they need to be predrilled. These screws won’t be corroded hence perfect for some certain hardboard. The structural screws are enough to hold 250 to 400 lbs whereas the range for the regular screw is 80-100 lbs.

In case of size, we recommend 3/12-4″ screws preassembled rails to the post. While attaching individual pickets to the backer rails, it’s okay to use screws of 1-1/2″.

What tool can cut through nails

Answer: Generally bolt cutters are made for cutting through nails and screws. These have also a wide range of variations. Besides that, some wire cutters offer great service while cutting bolts and nails.

With the above tool, you need just a bit of effort of your hand. These cutters are safe from any electrical accident.

Other tools to cut through nails are a reciprocating saw, jigsaw, and several multi-purpose cutting tools. They run by battery or electrical power providing an effortless easy cut.

Our list of the best tool to cut nails and screws would help in choosing the best cutter for several applications.

Is better to hang pictures with nails or screws

Answer: The size of the pictures is the matter here. Screws have better holding capacity than nails. From this view, these are better for hanging frames on the wall.

But, for lightweight pictures, nails are sufficient to hang on. Here, you don’t need to ensure that the nails have gone into a stud or not. For heavy pictures hanging, screws should be your definite choice.

Are nails or screws better for framing

For framing or such housing projects, nails are widely accepted over screws. Depending on the size and capacity, some screws can do the job correctly. But, we would say nails are far better suited for this job.

Nails handle wood movement much better than screws. Screws, sometimes, caused the splitting of wood as it moved. So, for framing nails play better than screws.


Dealing with screws and nails is a daily circumstance for almost all DIYers. Arranging bolts, and choosing or drilling them are not such tricky as cutting or removing them. Since you have gone through our list of the best tool to cut nails and screws, it would probably seem easier now!

Hopefully, the above tools and information might seem helpful to you. Let’s pick up your desired tool as your need; perhaps it’s going to be your only wanted one.

Best of luck!

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