How To Get An Eraser Out Of A Mechanical Pencil: Fast & Safely

Mechanical pencils are those which come with extra leads and rubber on the backside. It almost looks like a pen but functions as a wood pencil. Most of the kids love to use a mechanical pencil for its flexibility.

In maximum cases, the pencil is used instead of the pen. It can be while marking words in a document, giving the multiple-choice exam, or drawings on wood. So, in those cases, you use rubber for correction. Now, who has time for carrying an extra eraser if it has on its back?

Using your back eraser causes the rubber to get deep into the hard layer surround it. The question that hits your mind is “How to get an eraser out of a mechanical pencil”.

You can ignore the wood pencil because most of them don’t have a back eraser. There is a way to get your rubber out of the hard layer. In this guide, we will be discussing the better process of it. Let us jump to the topic now.

how to get an eraser out of a mechanical pencil

Process To Get An Eraser Out Of A Mechanical Pencil:

Most people try to get out the eraser using their nails. In nearly 99 percent of cases, a small portion gets out and makes the shape of your rubber worse than before.

Some of you might break your nail for the inclination with the hard layer around the rubber.

Thinking in a tricky way might solve your problem easily. Doing this small task in a hurry may result in the mess up of your rubber.

In the end, you need to carry an extra eraser with you. It makes your work slower than the original one.

In this context, you will get proper guidance in removing the eraser out of a mechanical pencil. If you follow the steps carefully, then you will get the rest portion of your rubber ideally.


  • Paper clip
  • Craft knife

How To Get An Eraser Out Of A Mechanical Pencil – In Easy 6 Steps

Following the proper guidelines, you can easily take your eraser out of the mechanical pencil without doing any damage.

Step 1 – Collect A Paper Clip

Collect a paper clip and unbend it nicely. Make sure not to bend too much of the paper clip.

Step 2 – Insert The Pointed Edge

Insert the pointed edge of the paper clip in the rubber from the side of the hardcover of the eraser.

Step 3 – Insert paper clip at a steeper angle

Make sure to insert the paper clip at a steeper angle. It allows the pin to insert from one side quickly.

Step 4 – Keep pressuring & Push Upward

Keep pressuring the paper clip and push upward from one side.

Step 5 – Full eraser Will Come

Slowly the full eraser will come out from your mechanical pencil.

Step 6 – Add A Few Layers

You can add a few layers inside the mechanical pencil’s hardcover to keep the rest eraser at a higher position.

It is the only effective process in taking out the eraser from a mechanical pencil. This process does not hamper the rest portion of the eraser.

How long is a mechanical pencil?

A mechanical pencil usually ranges between 5-8 inches in length. However, there are some that exceed 8.5 inches.

The mechanical pencil is longer than a typical pencil, but it can be trimmed down to shorter the writing instrument. The grip portion of the pencil is the long part that everyone sees.

The stuff inside is removed by just pulling it out from the back and using a twist mechanism on one end to advance a new lead (like with a pen or marker). Most often, they’re shorter than 10 cm, so they don’t get very big.

A mechanical pencil uses a replaceable and rechargeable lead which sharpens every time the user pushes the button on the side, continuing to produce neat-looking marks indefinitely.

The leads can be purchased individually so that they can be replaced when necessary.

A more expensive option is the four-in-one or five-in-one blank cartridge with a built-in erasure shield and rubber chisel tip, as well as four or five colors of lead in one package.

This product has multiple features generally unavailable in a regular pencil, such as an automatic eraser built into its cap and possible line widths ranging from 0.3 mm (ultra-fine) to 2 mm (broad).

The thickness of the lead is around 0.35 mm, which gives the user a line width of approximately 0.5 mm.

A thicker diameter tends to be more durable than a thinner one and makes drawing curves easier since less force is required to move it over the paper.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How do you get a stuck eraser out of a mechanical pencil?

Answer: Getting a stuck eraser is not so hard as you are thinking of. You need to follow two simple processes for getting your stuck eraser out of it. The process follows the twisting and popping of the eraser from the mechanical pencil.

At first twist, the back till you gets the large portion of the eraser. After getting a proper position of the eraser, pulls it out gently. Take a new eraser and pop it in, and go on twisting till it fits with the appropriate length.

Question: How do you change the eraser on a paper mate mechanical pencil?

Answer: Changing the eraser on a paper mate follows the same process as we discussed in this article.

The difference is that you can use a paper pin to take out the used eraser. Push the pin from the side of the stuck eraser. Pull it out horizontally. Then place the new one in it.

Question: How do you clean a mechanical pencil eraser?

Answer: Eraser of mechanical pencils is sometimes hard to rub over the dust on papers. It makes you feel irritated most of the time. But there is a beautiful process in removing the hard layer from your eraser.

Get an emery board from online stationery stores. They have usually coated one side roughly and the other side plain. Use the rough side to scratch the back rubber of your mechanical pencil to clean the layer off it.

Question: How do you take apart a Bic mechanical pencil?

Sometimes due to broken lead in the tube of a mechanical pencil, you might experience problems getting it out for writing.

This makes you think about fixing the problem by making it apart. To do so, push the tube of mechanical pencil gently by pressing the side liver from the top at one side.

Then pull the lower mouth portion from the tube and shake the tube for taking out the broken lead. After that, simply insert a new lead and connect everything back to its previous position.

Question: What should I look for in a mechanical pencil?

Answer: It is essential to select a perfect mechanical pencil for proper sketching and writing. Three things need to be considered while choosing a mechanical pencil. The first one comes about the length of the lead. Medium lead size fits any mechanical pencil.

The next thing to take into consideration is the thickness of the graphite. The thicker the lead is, the lesser chance it tends to break.

The last thing that comes while choosing a mechanical pencil is to understand the quality of the material.

Question: How do I refill my pentel eraser? 

Answer: The pentel eraser’s mechanical pencil has a joint between the top and bottom of the whole body.

To insert the lead, you need to separate the two portions by twisting gently. After that, a hollow tube will be visible where you can put your leads into them.

Final Discussion

There are different qualities of mechanical pencils with all back rubber in them. With a mechanical pencil, you will get a set of extra leads and erasers. The erasers will be necessary when your default one will reduce down to the edge of the hard rubber cover.

We hope you found this guide on how to get an eraser out of a mechanical pencil helpful. Go through the article once more if you have any confusion still.

Make sure to follow every step using the proper tools mentioned in the tools section of this article. Don’t rush in taking out the eraser; otherwise, the situation will be worse enough to take out the remaining portion from it.

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