How To Take Apart A Mechanical Pencil Without Breaking it: Fast

“You again broke the mechanical pencil when trying to insert the leads?” It is not uncommon that people face trouble when trying to disassemble or reassemble the mechanical pencil.

You will find trouble the most when your best mechanical pencil gets jammed, and a show of your energy causes the pencil to break down.

Here, we are coming forward to help you to save your mechanical pencil from breaking apart along with your energy. All you need is, pay close attention to this article and the parts of the mechanical pen. The article will save you money, energy, and a Mechanical pencil.

The step-by-step guideline on how to take apart a mechanical pencil without breaking it is discussed here. Here we go!

How To Take Apart A Mechanical Pencil Without Breaking it

Things Required To Take Apart a Mechanical Pencil:

Time Required: 5 minutes

Cost: No Cost

When you are using the mechanical pencil, you face that suddenly the leads of the pencil are not coming out.
The pencil may become jammed up, which also causes the pencil to not work properly.

The finish of leads, broken leads, or dust may cause these problems and disassembling the pencil.

Mechanical pencil is consists of a lot of small parts. The function of each part is different from one another.
To make the mechanical pencil workable, you need to place every part in its mentioned area.

Let’s get introduced with what are the parts of a mechanical pencil.

Parts of a Mechanical Pencil:

  • Outer barrel
  • Inner barrel
  • Plunger
  • Nose Cone
  • Clamshell / Spring
  • Leads

Without any further delay, let’s take you to your required step-by-step procedure.

How To Take Apart A Mechanical Pencil Without Breaking it – Useful Steps

Step 1 – Remove The Plunger From The Upper Portion

The plunger is placed at the upper portion of the pen. Pressing the plunger mainly makes the lead come forward. Removing the plunger, you simply need to pull the plunger in the upper direction.

Sometimes, the plunger is not removed simply from pulling. In this case, you need to either twist the plunger applying little force.

A plunger is sometimes attached with a head grip. You can simply use a scale and press against gravity to remove the plunger.

In some mechanical pens, there is a rubber or lead remover under the plunger. Pull them off carefully and keep them in a secure place.

Step 2 – Unscrew The Nose Cone

The nose cone is situated at the very beginning of the mechanical pen, and the leads are coming from these to scratch against the paper.

The nose cone is attached to the mechanical pen in a screw form. Place the nose cone between your thumbnail and index finger and twist in an anticlockwise way.

Great! You unscrew the nose cone.

Step 3 – Took Off The Spring

Some mechanical pen comes with clamshell, whereas some come with spring. They help to push forward leads.
Clamshell consists of a stem and collar. The stem is placed above the Collar.

Pressing the plunger to provide force to the collar and stem. Stem and Collar move the lead forward.

You first need to pull the stem forward to remove it. Then, remove the collar by pulling. Sometimes, you need to use sharp material to detach the collar.

Springs are attached loosely with leads. You do not need to work hard to pull the spring off. Just hold and remove spring in the way you remove the ring from your finger.

Step 4 – Disassemble The Inner Barrel And leads

In some mechanical pencils, the leads are placed inside the inner barrel. Some mechanical pencil has two or more different shaft which holds leads separately. You will know how to disassemble both of them.

Leads placed inside the inner barrel need to pull the inner barrel backward to remove the inner barrel with leads.
You can also remove the leads first by knocking them a little bit against any material. The leads will come up automatically.

A mechanical pencil that has a different shaft with different leads. You need to remove the leads separately.
In some shafts, there is a tip portion. You need to press the tip separately, and the leads of that shaft will come out smoothly.

Step 5 – Set In Order

You are done with apart the mechanical pencil. Now all you need is to keep all the parts securely to you.

Because loss of any parts can cause you that the mechanical pencil will not work properly without that, so keep the things in a safe hand and during the reassemble procedure place all the parts where it is located before disassembling.

Precautions Of Mechanical Pencil:

1. Put The Small Parts In a Container

You are dealing with many small parts, and all the parts are really important to work the pencil properly. So, it is always preferable to take a small container with you and put the disassembled parts into a container.

2. Use Proper Light

Make sure that you are under proper lighting and nothing disturbs your vision. It is better to start the work in an area with an adequate facility for both natural and artificial light.

3. Do Not Use Too Sharp Material

Do not use any sharp material to pull off or remove any parts from the mechanical pencil. It does not only cause you to damage the pencil but also can harm you.


How do you remove a rotten pencil?

You can remove the rotten lead of the pencil by pressing the plunger. It will move forward the back pencil lead. The back pencil replaces the rotten lead position automatically.

If leads are not transported, tap and blow the nose cone so that leads or dust can come out.

How do you add lead to Mechanical Pencil?

Simply put the leads inside the inner barrel. The inner barrel is designed so that it will place the leads in a perfect position.

Is Mechanical Pencil lead toxic?

The lead of the pencil is not toxic. But, if you shallow/inhale the pencil lead and feel uncomfortable, please contact a doctor immediately.

Final Words

You are now all set to disassemble and reassemble your mechanical pencil without facing any trouble. The steps are just as easy as pulling your glass from your eyes and put back when you require. All you need is proper care and attention.

Now without any further complexity, use your mechanical pencil freely. Whether you use it rough or use it passion, you are all set to use it without the fear of losing one more mechanical pencil through following this article.

We hope you found this guide on how to take apart a mechanical pencil without breaking it. Go through the article once more if you have any confusion still.

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