How to Open a Locked Toolbox without a Key: 3 Effective Methods

Even if your toolbox key is lost or broken, you can still get it open. In every city, emergency locksmiths are ready to help anyone who has a slammed toolbox, lost or broken key. You can find such craftsmen by entering “open the toolbox the name of the city” into the search engine.

As a rule, the specialists of these companies respond quickly and cope with any locks. If necessary, you can immediately repair or change the lock and make a duplicate key. The specialists’ services will cost you a pretty penny, but you will save your nerves.

If the lock is not very difficult and you are confident in your abilities, you may try to open it yourself. There are options with and without damage to the mechanism. One will not help – you can always try the other.

Here are some of them as follows:

How To Open A Locked Toolbox Without A Key – In 3 Ways

This usually happens with worn cylinder locks. The hole there is narrow, and the key is flat, so if you overdo it in the struggle with a jammed mechanism, it will only worsen.

First of all, you should try to open the toolbox with the rest of the keys. To do this, you need to sink it into the gap and then insert a nail file or other thin object and try to turn it, opening the lock.

If the key is broken, so that part of it is sticking out of the hole, you are in luck. It’s pretty easy to get it out with pliers or a similar tool. Borrow it from a neighbor and gently pull the rest of the key, taking a good grip on the part sticking out.

You can also try to turn the key and open the lock. Another option is to remove the remnants of the key by gluing the broken part to it. Carefully apply super glue to the broken part and glue the two parts together.

Wait a little while until the glue dries, and then try to slowly take the key out of the keyhole. You can also try these popular methods to open your toolbox without a key, as discussed below:

Method 1: A tinplate jumper

  • Cut out a “T” from any tin can with large shoulders.
  • Insert the lock pick into the slot between the lock case and the shackle.
  • Put the long ends of the lock pick together and twist them to release the locking tab.
  • Pull the shackle toward you and open the lock.

Method 2: Paperclip jumper

how to open a locked craftsman tool box

  • Take two paper clips and bend them.
  • Insert the first paper clip into the lock hole and twist it slightly to create tension.
  • Try pushing the pins inside with the second paper clip.
  • Operate both paper clips at the same time until the lock opens.

Method 3. Wrenches

how to open a locked toolbox without a key

  • Take two larger wrenches.
  • Insert them inside the shackle and press them against each other.
  • Press on the wrenches until the shackle or lock case breaks.

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How to open a cylinder lock without a key?

Such locks are locked using pins assembled in a single unit – the latch pin. It has a rotating core with several spring-loaded pins cut into two parts. When there is no key in the hole or the key is incorrect, the pins enter the core and block it.

A key with the right profile raises the pins to such a height that the upper one hides in the wrench body and the lower one in the core, allowing it to rotate freely and open the lock.

So, you have to sink all the pins to release the wrench’s core and then turn it. For mechanisms with multiple turns, the procedure will have to be repeated.

Some of the popular methods to open a cylinder lock toolbox without a key are discussed below:

Method 1: The pin lock jumper

  • Bend an L-shaped lever from a stud or wire, and from another stud, make a lock pick with a bent tip.
  • Insert the lever in the hole and try to turn with the minimum effort.
  • At the same time, go over the pins with the lock pick, pressing them in turns.
  • When the pins find their place, the core will turn.
  • Repeat the previous steps on each turn until the lock is unlocked.

Method 2: Plastic card lock pick

  • Bend the card, rounding it slightly, and insert it into the gap between the toolbox and the toolbox frame.
  • Moving the improvised pick in the area of the lock, try to push it deeper.
  • Once the tongue of the mechanism moves, the toolbox will open.

Method 3. Drilling out the pins

How to Pick a Toolbox Lock

  • Use a punch to mark the location for the drill just below the core of the cocksucker.
  • Drill through the core with a drill, breaking up the pins that block the rotation.
  • Lightly tap the casing with a hammer or other object.
  • Use a screwdriver or other key to turn the casing to open the toolbox.

How to open a keyless toolbox?

The mechanism of such a lock is based on a set of valid – special plates with shaped slots. The right key has the projections on the bit that coincide with these slits. When you turn the key, the suvalds rise to the necessary height, forming a track that moves the locking pin.

To open a tumbler lock, you need to lift all the plates, line them up in the right way and slide the deadbolt. It sounds easy, but in reality, it’s a lot more complicated, especially for those who are doing it for the first time.

Therefore, you should keep your calm and patience to end up opening a keyless toolbox by following these instructions.

Wrap Up

Losing the key to your apartment door, garage door, toolbox, vacation home, mailbox, suitcase, or safe is one of the most common reasons to find yourself without access to your possessions.

There are several common ways to open a locked toolbox without a key. But for this, you will need at least a little experience, as well as the presence of simple tools or improvised means. Only then will you be able to follow our instructions to open a locked toolbox.

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