Can You Use A Drill Press As A Router: Reliable Guide

Have you ever thought of using a drill press as a router? Maybe or maybe not. A drill press and a router both are carpenter’s tools. They have different purposes as well.

Since the drill press and the router have some similarities, can you use a drill press as a router? You can use it with some modifications.

To make the drill press router, you need to convert the slower speed into a faster one. That will be the first modification, but there are more. Keep on reading to turn a drill press into a router.

Can You Use A Drill Press As A Router

Can You Use A Drill Press As A Router?

Yes, you can use a drill press as a router. There will be no significant loss of features and quality. Therefore, using a drill press as a wood router is no longer challenging.

You can follow some steps and turn the drill press as router. In contrast, you can also use the plunge router as drill press. In both cases, our tips will help you turn the drill press into a router.

Steps on How To Turn A Drill Press Into A Router:

You can follow some simple steps to use drill press as router. Here, the main challenge is speed. You need to fasten the speed of the drill press to use it as a router.

Step 1 – Unplug the Drill Press

First thing first, you need to unplug the drill press. It would be your first step.

Step 2 – Lose the Knob

Now you will lose the large knob of the drill press housing. There you will find two levers from two sides of the housing. Now, you should flip them correctly.

Step 3 – Expose the Belt & Pulleys

You need to work with the oval-shaped one between those two housings at first. Then, you will lift it off the top. It might hinge on one side; you should tilt it back in that case. Then, that will expose the belt and pulleys simultaneously.

It’s time to work with the belt and pulleys. You have to get the belt to the large pulley. And the belt will run between every two pulleys.

You need to attach the rest of the pulleys accordingly. Here, you can also pull the belt and pulley one at a time. It will help you to run the belt smoothly.

Step 5 – Connect The Pulleys

After running the belt with your hand, you will connect all the pulleys. Then, you should close the opener and lock it. To make the drill press-ready for the router, you need to install a ⅜ inch router bit.

Step 6- Placing Hardwood

Finally, you will place a ¾ inch hardwood piece under the drill press. You need to raise the table until the edges reach the router centers. It should be handled carefully and safely.

Step 7- Turn On The Drill Press

Everything is done. You will turn on the drill press. If you follow all the steps properly, you will find that the bullnose router bit will cut the curve’s edges and make it a good shape. To get the desired wood shape edge, you need to move the hardwood accordingly.

Drawbacks of Using Drill Press as a Router:

There are some disadvantages or drawbacks of using a drill press as a router. One of the crucial drawbacks is speed. Typically, a router’s speed is around 3000 RPM. But, you cannot expect that speed from a drill press machine.

A drill press router can only deliver 2000 RPM, the highest speed. Therefore, you cannot expect to have excellent edge coverage from the new router bit that you have attached to your drill press.

Other drawbacks are –

  • You can damage the drill press bit by installing the router bit.
  • In the worst situation, you may break your drill press.
  • Curving edges from the drill press router will not look nice.

Best Uses of Drill Press as Router:

The drill press is used to make holes and cut wood materials quickly. Since it is a portable cutting device, the carpenter finds it a blessing. They can carry it and make the wood furniture as they want.

When you use the drill press as a router, you can do both tasks simultaneously. You can drill the wood and trim it within a while. Though turning the drill press into a router will take time, it is worth it. It will save you bucks.

Final Thoughts

So, can you use a drill press as a router? Of course, you can. Simply follow our tips and turn the drill press into a router.

Keep in mind that you can’t expect to have a nice trimming from the drill press router. You must have a drill press and a separate router for professional work. These two tools will assist you in working with the wood and give it a nice look and shape.

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