Why are Snap On Tool Boxes So Expensive?-[Explained]

If you ask around, you’ll see most of them are familiar with snap-on toolboxes. You’ll hear them questioning the expense, whereas little did they know anything else about these boxes.

Snap-on tool boxes went viral and gained huge mainstream attention due to their exorbitant price tag. It’s funny how they seem to disagree with the price inclusive yet never try to unveil the reasons behind it.

Do you have the same question in mind? Care to know the reasons what made it this pricy? Then, hang in there, as we’re about to put your mind at ease.

Here, we’ll break through the most wondered question, “why are snap on tool boxes so expensive” for you. So, without any further ado, let’s get right down to it!

A Brief History of the Brand Snap-On:

Before getting into the reasons, we thought to draw your attention to the brand’s glorious history. We believe that learning Snap-On’s reigning history would help you comprehend its value more. You’ll be amused to know that Snap-On is indeed one of the earliest international toolbox manufacturing brands that started its journey in 1920.

So, you can see last year it has successfully marked its 100th year of serving consumers beyond any geographical boundaries. Even after all these years, Snap-On has been carrying its legacy promisingly and surprisingly, still reigning the ground with lauds.

To your awe, with over 4,800 fully functional stores spread across the globe, Snap-On has successfully expanded into over 130 countries by now. Meanwhile, it was recognized for its long-term and consistent service in the industry with several awards.

In fact, in April 2017, President Donald Trump himself paid a visit to the headquarters of Snap-on located in Kenosha, Wisconsin, United States, to pledge new federal contracts with the brand.

Why Are Snap On Tool Boxes So Expensive

Reasons Why are Snap On Tool Box So Expensive:

Now that you’ve learned about the brand’s roots let’s look at the features that make it more expensive than other alternatives.

1# Sturdy Construction

Toolboxes are supposed to store all of your tools in one place. Hence it requires to be sturdy enough to lodge them without getting cracked or scratched. Snap-on toolboxes are made of the strongest alloy steel, the sturdiest steel you can ever get.

Then, a layer of nickel-chrome plating is applied upon the body to bring more strength, resistance, and a mirror-like finishing. Using the most preeminent materials exceeds its price over other random brands that will not provide you with such quality material.

2# Ample Storage

Why are Snap On Tool Box So Expensive

As the primary purpose of a toolbox is to store all your tools together, it should have plenty of room to achieve that goal. Not to mention, it should have precise organizing spaces so that you can easily access them when needed. 

Most Expensive Snap on toolboxes are specially designed to provide you all these facilities without being much bulky in themselves. Even if you get your hands on the smallest box available, you’ll get 12 plus separate drawers that are precisely designed for distinct tools. This special knack of this brand is again another reason that pushes its price range upward.

3# InPulse Drawer System

are snap on tool boxes worth it

Toolboxes with rusty or stuck drawers are the worst, especially for those mechanics who has to take out and put back the tools now and then. Also, getting a squeaking sound every time opening a drawer is too agitating.

Snap-on proudly guarantees that none of the above would occur with their boxes since they were created using the extremely high-end InPulse drawer method.

Thus, by buying a snap-on toolbox, you get not only the oomph but also quality. Do you see? Then, why wouldn’t it be a bit pricey?

4# Deft Wheel Design

why are snap on tool boxes so expensive

Professional mechanics always remain on the go. They need the best wheel facility in their toolbox to move it along with them wherever they go for work. It’s a very sensitive part since even the slightest misstep will wreck all your tools and injure anyone.

Snap-on is risk-free in this respect since they are fitted with 4-7 x 2-inch swivel-lock mag wheels that are engineered to move all forms of surfaces without slipping.

To assure this facility, the snap-on engineers had to incorporate ISO-Ride+ System in their wheels, which consequently extend the price higher.

5# Power Drawer Facility

As you know, many metal tools require charging from time to time. Getting them to charge and then placing them back where they belong is no less than a hell of a challenge. But, turning to snap-on tool boxes, you no longer need to bear this hassle since it comes with an inbuilt power drawer that owns a power strip with multiple outlets.

Not only that, but it also hoards several USB ports that allow you to charge your tools without having to move them from their location. We can tell you; this outstanding feature makes your investment worth it.

6# Life-Time Guarantee

The most crucial thing that demands a bit more bucks from you is their lifetime guarantee. Meaning, if you once have your hands on it, not only you but also your lineage won’t need to buy another toolbox in their lives. Yes, that’s neat and perfect their durability is!

So, if one snap-on box is saving you from the trouble of having to repair it over and over again, or buying a new one every other year, then doesn’t it deserve a big buck from you?

Final Thoughts

This article is inspired to verbally break you why are snap on tool boxes so expensive! It explores all the valid reasons that cause the expense.

We hope you enjoyed reading it. So, stay tuned with us to get a more insightful guide in the time ahead.

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